Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing By Genomics Plus
Prenatal DNA Testing
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GENOMICS PLUS welcomes all looking for DNA Testing to contact us and receive more information about getting a DNA test. We provide you with free information guide and a FREE 30 min consultation with one of our DNA specialists, all our labs are accredited, and test results can be used for legal purposes.

We now offer deposits and payment plans for all our DNA tests and offer the best online experience to reduce the stress of needing to know your child's biological father or other relative.

For the past decade, GENOMICS PLUS has been a pillar in the DNA community to provide phone support as soon as you call; we don't believe in ensuring machines at GENOMICS; we believe in the human touch.

GENOMICS PLUS has been leading the way in customer service, accurate results, and affordable prices for over 12 years.
We offer Paternity Testing, Prenatal, Immigration DNA Testing, Sibling DNA, and Nutrition DNA.

Order with confidence. Or call to ask about our payment plans option.

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Nutrition DNA test, your new life begins here

GENOMICS PLUS has been around since 2009 with thousands of happy customers; with fast results, our certifications are got you covered from immigration DNA testing up to Prenatal Testing.

When you send an email or call us, we will call you back or pickup as you call, our customer service is our number one priority, and that means that you are too; we treat each case with care and professionalism and keep your privacy.